WEEKEND AFTERNOON PROSHOP/SNACK BAR POSITIONS That can take on more hours (weekday afternoon) in fall

All applicants please note that we are taking applications for those individuals availalbe from now till end of OCTOBER. Possibility for these individuals to have employment opportunity 12 months of year.

*taking applications to put on file

Fill out the form at bottom of page and click the submit button to begin the application process. Or, print form following Our Vision

Our Mission:

Vallearie Golf Club provides the highest quality public experience, providing players of all levels consistency, fun, value and exceptional customer service.

Our Vision:

Valleaire has a commitment to provide player-friendly course conditions. Attaining distinguishing course characteristics and accomplished details from maintenance and customer service that sets us apart from all public courses. Setting the standard for all public courses in our programs that are followed through with sound efforts, commitment and positive results. Empowered employees that set the tone, in a friendly, family-like environment encouraging our facility as a whole to be a value that is memorable, instituted in growing the game of golf and becoming a player designation.

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